Robo Car Workshop

Welcome. This is going to be a super fast paced few days. We are going to learn to code in C++... 4-5 days is not really long enough to really learn it, so consider this a crash course to learn enough to code some projects for your Robo Car Project.

What is the Robo Car Project? This is a workshop where you will get to build a small differential drive car that is controlled by the program you load in the Arduino controller.  The project will consist of building the car, testing the motors, and integrating a sensor to eventually have a car that will not drive off the table or run into walls

Welcome to Robo Car Workshop - Day 1
Welcome to Robo Car Workshop - Day 2
Welcome to Robo Car Workshop - Day 3
Welcome to Robo Car Workshop - Day 4

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  1. Hi Jim, I'm really interested in learning and practicing skills used in mechatronics classes you offer. I'm a 30 year old dog-walker and ecologist dude with just the most basic of backgrounds in electronics and programming (I can put a Raspberry Pi together and install things in Linux...that's about it!). I live in Burlingame and I'm super curious where's a great place to get started on my mechatronics journey. My ultimate goal is to make an underwater drone as I'm obsessed with marine ecology, scuba diving, swimming and our coast here in California. An ultimate of ultimate dreams for me would be controlling a drone, exploring an alien world's water systems. That would be so cool!

    Thanks, hope you see this and, if you do see this, have a great day and great life!